[ANSWERED] - Which server should I buy?


My previous provider:
Intel E5 4 Core, 12 GB RAM
Running 2 website 10k-40k daily visitors

I want to move away from contabo because of their narrowminded staff.
I wanted to scale up my websites and placed another order to buy a VPS and rejected it and said they won’t sell me anymore VPS. Seems like a 15 year old kind went into hosting business. In addition to that I think and read it over internet that Contabo oversells their VPS and resources get exhausted for everyone.

Now I want to move to dedicated server and found scaleway in my budget.
But since I came to know that C2L has Intel Atom C2750 I wonder can it hold my website. I was planning to run total 5 websites on this server which accumulate total of 50k-80k daily visitors.

I want to know is it a good idea to buy this one or should I run 2-3 websites on C2S.
All my websites are made on wordpress with approx 2-4 MB of page size and having beluga CDN for images,css & js.

Let me know your opinion on this ASAP because my next billing on contabo is 17th October.

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Please do NOT use scaleway for productive websites.

Look somewhere else, pm me if you need suggestions.
Scaleways and Online.net network is not good. Lots of outages. Additionally scaleways hardware seems to fail very often and support 8s mainly useless.


Contabo and Hostens remain the best

Contabo is far superior to Scaleway


Atom will not fit your needs. Choose a more powerful processor at Online.net dedicated servers.