[ANSWERED] - Which server should I buy? 2


My previous provider:
Intel E5 4 Core, 12 GB RAM
Running 2 website 10k-40k daily visitors

I want to move away from contabo because of their narrowminded staff.
I wanted to scale up my websites and placed another order to buy a VPS and rejected it and said they won’t sell me anymore VPS. Seems like a 15 year old kind went into hosting business. In addition to that I think and read it over internet that Contabo oversells their VPS and resources get exhausted for everyone.

Now I want to move to dedicated server and found scaleway in my budget.
But since I came to know that C2L has Intel Atom C2750 I wonder can it hold my website. I was planning to run total 5 websites on this server which accumulate total of 50k-80k daily visitors.

I want to know is it a good idea to buy this one or should I run 2-3 websites on C2S.
All my websites are made on wordpress with approx 2-4 MB of page size and having beluga CDN for images,css & js.

Let me know your opinion on this ASAP because my next billing on contabo is 17th October.


Feel free to see our dedicated offers here: https://www.online.net/en/dedicated-server