[ANSWERED] - Starting server (starting in place)


my server stuck on “starting server (starting in place)”



12 hours no answer

i am losing business


17 hours @support Team

No answer on my two tickets

id : PSSZ


Just 17 hours? I’m having this problem for 3 days already.


Me neither. For 2d the “stopping” status has appeared, no answer from support. Hopefully, they will fix it. It’s very critical to me as well


We need an update on this support team, I can’t sleep because I can’t receive email for my business, this is not funny at all


we are being ignored !!


I think the best decision is to move away to any other vps provider. After they refund us the downtime.



We are very sorry for the unusual delay, our support team has been very busy with hot topics and we weren’t able to handle all requests on time to satisfy your demands.
We would like to apologize as it’s not our normal way to operate, we have always set response time (among quality and stability) as a high priority.

We are going to answer all your pending requests as soon as possible, and down servers’ access will be restored as soon as we can.
We will keep you updated through your related ticket requests !

Thank you for your continuous support.

Mehdi Mebrouk
Customer Success Specialist


Hi there,

Just a quick update as issue has now been fixed.
We are still handling all pending requests as fast as possible and the oldest one should now be solved !

If you guys still have any issue with your services, you can get in touch with our support team directly using our ticketing system and we will do our best to get it solved as fast as humanly possible. :slight_smile:

Mehdi Mebrouk
Customer Success Specialist