[ANSWERED] - Slow download speed to DC3 from NL servers



From the comments at this issue it seems that the problem is not supposed to be here anymore.

However, I am having several download issues from my DC 3 server. Upload is fine (iperf to all NL servers is 1 gbit/s).

Download from NL never goes above 100/200 mbit/s. My server has 500 mbit/s guarantee, just to confirm.

Both wget tests and iperf reverse tests from leaseweb, i3d, worldstream, serverious never go above 100/200 mbit/s download.

Download and upload to online.net/free.fr/OVH is 1 gbit/s. The issue is only with NL.

Is the issue still under work or do you consider it fixed?



Can you please open a ticket number so we can take a look: https://console.infra.online.net/fr/assistance/ticket

We will have our support specialists reach out to you.



Hello, not sure if I can do that as I am with your reseller OneProvider. I opened a ticket with them but I wanted to ask you on a general level if you are still finding there is an issue at the network level.


This transmission issue between Paris and AMS is not linked with your issue. There is no congestion between Paris and AMS and bandwidth is available. Can you please share your reseller’s ticket number so we can identify your instance and take a look deeper? It can vary depending on the issue and which team it is assigned to.



Thanks! I have just PMed you my ticket.