[ANSWERED] - Single volume of 500go+



I have an app that takes it’s data from a single file of ~500go.
Is it possible to have a volume of this size on a scaleway server ?

I saw this : Expanding LSSD but it seems like it’s outdated



Currently the maximum size of a volume is 150 GB, but you can combine multiple volumes to a virtual larger one by using RAID or LVM for example: https://www.ostechnix.com/linux-basics-lvm-logical-volume-manager-tutorial/



Ok thanks, but with this solution it’s impossible to create snapshot or image from this volume right ?



It’s possible you will have data consistency issues if you assemble multiple volumes using LVM or RAID0, as the snapshot process is not atomic

I’d recommend you take a Dedibox offer with storage larger than 500GB, if you’re using LVM or btrfs you can take a snapshot of the filesystem and easily make a backup that way.