[ANSWERED] - RPN-RSYNC backup option with more than 500GB


I’d need at least 2GB RPN-RSYNC backup. Is it possible to have something like that? 500GB is very few.



Currently it is not possible to have a RPN-RSYNC space with more than 500GB.
Maybe our C14 storage solution fits your needs, as its offers up to 40TB of storage for each archive: https://www.online.net/en/c14



Sorry but I can’t understand how much the total cost of C14 is and how it exactly works. Let’s say, for example, I have to storage my server’s backup every day for a total amount of 50GB (splitted in let’s say in 50 zip files)… so I make the backup in my server storage, then I move it into my Dedibackup, then I move (every day) the older backup present on Dedibackup on the C14, then I delete the older backup present on the C14 in order to use (let’s say) 2TB in total. How does it cost me monthly with Standard plan? 4 Euro for the storage and 600 Euro (!!!) for the everyday archiving?



We provide an automatic import of your Dedibackup account into C14.
So, for example, you can backup each day on your Dedibackup until it is full, then transfer the 500 GB backup space to C14 and empty the Dedibackup, then restart by filling it up.
The total cost of the storage depends on the C14 offer you choose, and you can simulate it with the calculator on our website.


I was in a similar position as you, but then figured, that even if they have a bigger plan than what they’re providing, it won’t be cheaper than running one of the cheapest Dediboxes with a 1 TB drive. So that’s what I did, got a cheap crap CPU Dedibox with 1 TB HD, and using it as a backup server. This still won’t protect from the scenario of “What if the backup server failed?”, since it has no RAID. So every one in a while, ideally I’d say, every two months, archive the backups into C14.

C14 is very cheap, but unlike online storages you might be used to, like dropbox or google drive, it’s not an online storage (ironic, since it’s provided by online.net :stuck_out_tongue: ). It’s an offline storage. So when you want to store something, you open a temporary C14 archive, put data on it, and tell them to store it. They take the data, put it on some offline server deep in Alibaba’s cave or something (kidding, it’s underground in Paris), and you pay monthly depending on how big that data is. They also charge you a one time charge for opening the temporary archive (they call it an “operation”). Unless you opt to use the “intensive” plan, which makes operations free, but the monthly cost higher. I prefer to pay the operation, and keeping the monthly cost minimal, since I won’t likely touch my data again unless the server disk fails (which hopefully, will be less than once or twice per decade). If you want something like that, do it like me. If you feel you’ll be needing to take that backup and check it every once in a while, then opt for intensive, otherwise, you’ll be paying for a of of “operations”.