[ANSWERED] - Problem add new credit cards to my account


Hi, we have this issue and our account is locked, need urgent help. Our server has important live stuff.

We tried paying with more than 5 physical cards that are 3D secure or have OTP protection. All of them give us 6004 error. We actually have a credit from the first card that was added earlier and even that amount is nowhere to be seen.

We are willing to pay 6 months up-front if you give us a way to pay. We even offered to pay from another friend’s scaleway account that has successful payments to unlock but to no avail.

Our tickets only get curt canned responses.
The last one was opened on 8 May but still no solution.

Need urgent help please.

P.s. the banks have confirmed they are not blocking.


Hello @farmnest,

I can see you have made many payment attempts. Can you please wait 24 hours and try it again then? It should be working then.



We will but our server is stalled.
Can you help unlock until then?


I’m having the same problem.
what is the solution?


@hasan1992: Please contact the support via ticket to check with them why your card has been refused: https://cloud.scaleway.com/#/tickets


how can this still be an issue after several years?


I solved the problem thanks.


I face the issue:

Error code: 6004.
Oops! It seems that the validation failed.

It’s an EU 3d master card, received a few weeks ago. But cannot add as payment method.

Opened a ticket and got the “info” “I cannot register this card”, but no actual info on why. Been a customer for years. Please advise!