[ANSWERED] - Problem add new credit cards to my account


Hello. I have a scaleway account since more that 1 year. this month my card expired and scaleway suspend my instance. OK. In the last 3 days I try to add new cards from different Banks and countries but the system did not accept the cards:
Transaction declined by merchant and/or platform rules
Error code: 6004.
Oops! It seems that the validation failed.

You can retry with another card or contact our staff to get more information on the failure.

I try to contact support by ticket and no replys. With my instances off and without a backup, good way to relation with customers



What type of cards do you want to add? Are these physical cards or virtual ones?
Maybe you can send me your ticket number in a PM so I can have a look into it?


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Hello bene, I use virtual and phisical cards, visa and mastercard. no way to accept it

please check it asap because have my instance off and no backup





I have sent you a PM :slight_smile:


thanks for very fast reply and soluction from staff user @bene


sir my card is also not working on scaleway


@Love: Can you please send us a message in a ticket so we can check why the card has been refused?


I have same error all the time after trying to make a any card payment: “Error: An error occurred”
I contacted my bank. They did not find any problem with my transactions.

I have 3 debit cards (mastercard) from my 2 banks - I can’t pay any of these cards.
I tried to change the payment mode to “Direct debit”, - The system refuses to change because I have an unpaid invoice.

How can I pay differently?

This is my 5th day without payment … :frowning:



Have you opened a ticket about it so we can have a detailed look why the payment has failed?
If you have already opened a ticket you may send me the ID in a PM.


Hi getting the exact same error, got account suspension today, ticket was already opened but representative said it was a 3D Secure issue (error is 6004 not 6005).

I have funds on my cards. virtual cards, pre-paid cards and even my real card (that was always associated with my account) all of them fail :frowning:


Again not a problem with visa 3d Secure! my card is in use with scaleway since last year and has 3d secure active!


My problem was identical, but it was resolved two days before the account was blocked. :slight_smile:

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Hi piekielko, thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Do you know what the problem was? was it on your end?


I have a debit card installed for a long time. At some point, the system stopped downloading money from it. I reported it to the support department. They said my card does not support 3d secure. I protested and repeatedly demanded support. Eventually it worked.

I don’t understand why the option to change the payment method is blocked before billing is settled? I can choose, but I can not pay: direct debit, debit card, american express and paypal. This is illogical - This is Monty Python :slight_smile:


I’ve been talking with scaleway since sunday, two tickets open, reported to manager. I don’t know what else to do. They suggest getting another credit card… I’m using 3 of them!! From diferent banks!!!

At this point I already have new servers on OVH and Hetzner ready to transfer data from scaleway, I don’t want to do this but I’m running out of options.

And I get that they can’t answer all tickets immediately but GOD it’s been more than 24h since my servers went offline…


The problem with my card appeared from the moment I ran out of funds on my bank account. I topped up my bank account and tried to pay the bill manually. From that moment there was a mistake: “Error: An error occurred”

I tried to pay with various cards (credit, debit, Visa, MasterCard) - even cards from my wife. - none of them worked. I called the bank - they said everything was fine.

I did exactly the same as you. I made a server backup and looked for the cheapest alternative possible. This is probably the cheapest server I’ve found: wholesaleinternet.net. However, nothing will defeat Online.net - it is simply the best and the cheapest.

This is an obvious error of the Onine.net system - after payment settlement, I suggest changing the payment method on Paypal or Direct debit


Servers are up again, things got magically resolved…
The support team said that the payment processing is outsourced and have limited access to the problem apart for the simple error code. Apparently adding 2 cards in a short time frame will bet the payment account blocked for some time (can’t say what the timings are).

Btw, I took a look at wholesaleinternet.net… get away from that man! That’s expensive$4 for a 512Mb ram VPS?! Have a look at OVH and Hetzner. But you’re right they don’t compare in terms of performance/price (and hetzner has a transfer cap).

Still sticking to scaleway after all of this…

Thanks for your replies, it was nice seeing that at least someone out there understood my grief.


Good to know. It’s nice that your problem has also been solved. :slight_smile:

wholesaleinternet has prices in dollars and you do’t have to pay extra 23% tax. :slight_smile:

I do not use VPS (is unstable) - only a dedicated server. The disks must have at least RAID 1 w SSD.
I use 2x250 GB SSD + 64MB Ram (on stock). VPS can not give me that.

I need disk space. OVH offers a maximum of 40 GB, buying more is not worth it. Online provides a large independent external disk for backup. OVH does not give it. I need IP addresses in absolutely different classes. OVH - VPS gives IP pools of identical classes. Here you have the cheapest server in the price of VPS :slight_smile:

The downside of buying IP addresses on the Online.net website is that they may be on blacklists. They have a low reputation. Before buying it is good to check these addresses and buy the right one.


sorry to bump this thread but I can’t send PM to you @bene

We also meet this problems, try many cards from many banks but still get this error
Out ticket ID is : FIXX

please be hurry since our server had been offline by being suspended.
and I can’t make a payment.

Error why trying to add new card:
Transaction declined by merchant and/or platform rules
Error code: 6004.
Oops! It seems that the validation failed.

You can retry with another card or contact our staff to get more information on the failure.



My colleagues have replied directly on your ticket regarding your request.