[ANSWERED] - pfSense with ESXi 6.5


Hello all,

I have started a server with the plan to learn more about servers & networks.

What I want to do is setup a small network that I can do testing with. I want to setup pfSense on the VM to be used as my firewall with access to the WAN.

When I try to setup the pfSense, the IP address then gets locked as it is triggered as DDOS.

Please could someone advise what needs to be done to allow the pfSense to be used as the firewall/gateway so one of my servers can be the DHCP/DNS.

Any help would be great.



Could you open a ticket with this description. Our trust and safety team can unlock you.


The account has been unlocked but I need assistance setting this up.

Please could you advise how I could go about setting up pfSense in this way to perform this goal?


Many have this setup and it has been asked before, I was going to write you a guide but here is a post explaining it, I guess post back if you have issues:


Hi Tom,

When you install PfSense on your server, you should disable IPv6 in the configuration of the software. By default the tool is trying to get an IPv6 address via DHCP which can be seen as a a DHCPv6 flood from the network equipment.
If you want to use IPv6 for your firewall you can configure it manually after the installation.