[ANSWERED] - Need a staff or support member!


Hello guys and girls,

As the title states I really need a staff or support team member to contact me. Have been trying for days to email, and call the online.net support team, with no luck at all. - my teleprovider keeps saying their numbers is not valid, and when trying to use the form here i’m just meet with a: “Error: An error occured.”

I have recently restored my iPhone, as it was doing all sort of wired stuff I have never seen before. And in the rush of just getting past it, I totally forgot about my two factor authentication codes in the google app. and ofc I didn’t save the secret key or QR code either (yes, I know dumb me) but no I just want to be able to get back into the dashboard of my server again. So if some team member could maybe contact me over my email or here, that would be awesome!

Best regards


Greetings Sir,

I sent you a pm with the process to recover your account.

Best regards,
Eddy Azzaro
Equipe Trust and Safety