[ANSWERED] - My Server Not Start SSH Service and I can't do anything


Hello everyone,

I’ve rebooted my server on WHM for updates. My server again could not started again.
On scaleway control panel, it’s view as running but it’s not accessible from us. ssh service not working may be.

I waited 12 hours for Scaleway technichal support. But anyone didn’t reply me.

During this time, I took the snapshot of the disc.
I created a volume from it.

Waiting for suggestions. Is there anything I can do?
note: the same problem persists when I install the same disk on another server.


There is probably nothing you can do. Good luck to you! Maybe rethink your provider choice :wink:


Hello @fors

Have you opened a ticket? Are you sure you SSH keys are uploaded on your account? Are you sure that your SSH daemon is running?

Best regards



thanks for answer, it’s too late.