[ANSWERED] - Do I need to spend 96€ to my bank so i can have my credit card?


First let me say i like your products and wanted a C1 and after a C2S
*1st thing isn’t obvious can C1 be also upgraded 1€?

But my issue it’s how can I save money when i got a basic bank account (ATM card, Internet Access)
for me to upgrade to a standard account it will be 8€(monthly more and then pay for issuing a visa card.

How can I be your client, when my budget it’s low to have 2 servers. Not all users are engaged in frauds and bad things. I am just a regular guy who likes to save. Saw your ARM servers and they seemed a perfect choice.

Is there any other way or card i can say spend 10 or 20€ instead … be virtual or physical.
Scaleway I believe you got all to succeed but your making my choice hard

Can you advise me anyhow? Or any member


As far as I know, there is no other way to pay here.


You can follow this feature request and vote for it here: Other payment methods i.e. Paypal