[ANSWERED] - Data copy from Object Storage bucket



I want to copy a folder from “object storage bucket” to “aws s3 bucket”.
Is there any way to do it ?

I have tried :
aws s3 cp s3://scaleway-source-bucket s3://aws-s3-destination bucket

but getting the errors saying that bucket not found.

This is because its trying to fetch both the buckets from same configuration.
I have two different configurations - one for scaleway object storage bucket and another for aws s3 storage bucket.

I need help with this. Is there any way to copy folder from scaleway object storage bucket to aws s3 storage bucket ?



Hello @monicakumari,

It does not seem to me that aws cli take into account the multi profile.

I can advise you to test with minio client (https://github.com/minio/mc), it can support the multi-client.

It will be necessary to use the signature v2 at first for the authentication, because mc hardcode the region on AWS for the auth.

We currently have a PR in progress to solve this problem.