[ANSWERED] - Console unreachable...!



The console on console.online.net is unreachable for me. Can somebody of online.net make it reachable again? The error it displays tells me ‘403 Forbidden’. Thanks in advance and greetings from The Netherlands…

Kind Regards,

David van der Mooren



Are you connecting to the console from a VPN connection or a public hotspot?
For security reasons the connections from some public IP addresses is blocked and I recommend to connect to it from your direct Internet connection without any VPN or proxy service.




Yes, you are right, it is the VPN which I use which is blocked. But why is only the Dutch location been blocked, other countries are still available? Are we such a criminal country or something :grinning: ?




It might have been that we got some DDoS attacks in the past from the same IP range that your VPN uses. It is to protect your account, and you should be able to access it from another IP from the Netherlands :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to drop us a support ticket if you need further information about it.