[ANSWERED] - Concern with out of stock


Hi there!

In the beginning of the year, there was a very high demand for our services. We know that we promised you new servers in February. Unfortunately we faced few unexpected changes. We are working very hard to add more resources as soon as possible. That’s our main focus right now. Besides, we are actively recruiting new members to sustain a better service on demand and to solve our problems durably. Please expect good news from us in the upcoming days :wink: !

Thanks for you understanding.


Hey Imen,

Really, really looking forward to the mentioned announcement. :smiley:


My server has been unable to reboot for 13 days now due to no stock/nodes available - I really hope this “announcement in days” I have been hearing about for weeks now will happen soon…


Never stop dreaming!
Almost 2 weeks, you must have some very good patience. I wouldn’t wait a day.


Hi there!

Our stocks are back :muscle:! VC1 servers are now available in Amsterdam! We are shipping more servers for the coming days!

You can deploy your server here: https://cloud.scaleway.com/#/zones/ams1/servers/new

We are very sorry for the delay again! Our team are working very hard to make sure this never happen again!

Have a great week!



Nice! I tried to create new server because my existing one is lagging hard last 3 days.



It’s true! They’re the only ones in stock!

Scaleway scalabillity is indeed a big problem, and even trickling down to continuity now. For me it’s unacceptable that whenever I try to snapshot a server I should pray it’ll come online again within a week. I’ll be searching for a place to migrate my servers to. Hetzner seems like something to look at indeed! They even support RAID and proper backups :smile: .

To anyone trying to assess if scaleway is the right tool for their job, it’s probably not. It’s a cheap fun platform to learn and try new things. Maybe some school projects or such. For anything that requires any kind of uptime/continuity, stay away!