[ANSWERED] - Concern with out of stock


I find the low stock very concerning.

Let’s imagine that you temporary stop your machine for few hours, there is no garanty that there will be a free slot when you want to start it again.

Same if it crash, you cannot put back your snapshot. The “cloud” promise is gone.


The really bad thing is that you need to stop the server to make snapshots of the attached volumes, but then you will have problems restarting the server.

That is exactly what happened to me.

I stopped the server for only the time needed to make the snapshots, and then it failed to start for about ten days because there were no slot and volumes available.

If you are using snapshots as backups, you cannot access them because you need a bootable server to read a snapshot.

If your server have an hardware failure, you cannot change it.


Plus you cannot be sure you will be able to scale if needed.

As one can see in this forum, this issue is nothing new.
People reportedly have to try for days to reserve an instance, which makes scaleway a provider of server/vps without install fees, but that’s all.

What bother me the more at this time, as I was hoping to move a whole production stack to scaleway (~30 instances), is that I could not find any statement from scaleway/online about the stock issue.

There are users complaining since 2015, but not a single official answer.
In the meantime, Scaleway is hiring 250 people « Scaleway is scaling, scale with us! » Uh sure, juste give some instances first…
So it’s probably not that they’re running out of cash to buy hardaware, but rather an issue with components providers or DC space, nothing worth hiding from customers right ? Right ?

Please Scaleway share with your cutomers, tell us:

  • Why this stock issue keeps occurring
  • What you plan to do about it
  • When you think it will be solved
  • Also, there are gossips about some instances type to disappear (namely C1), it would be nice to share your roadmap too.

I love the product, and I really don’t want to end on AWS for my project, but at the moment I just can’t rely or even bet on Scaleway.

Best Regards



I would like to endorse the question.



Screw bitcoin. Start mining servers. They are out!!


well, there is a new player in the cheap server segment I’d say: https://www.hetzner.com/cloud

They recently launched their public cloud, smallest VPS starts at 2.96€.

Performance is far better than scaleway. network performance is way better and disk speed too.

unfortunately they just started their public cloud, so extra storage disks and advanced features are yet to come.

Have a look and give them a try. Hetzner is very stable and will most probably never have any issues on stock.

We’ve been using them since years, rock solid provider and cheap.

Edit: Need to add, they provide servers in germany and working on a DC in Finland. So if you need AMS, you are out of luck, sorry.

And, in contrary to scaleway, there is actually development in the products: https://forum.hetzner.de/thread/24739-lots-of-cloud-for-little-money-hetzner-online-redefines-cloud-hosting/?postID=249503#post249503


How do you know that they will not have any issues on stock?


Please reread, I edited. most probably. They are huge. There is no guarantee.


I would like to start by saying I am a very happy customer for over 2 years. However, I am concerned about this stock situation for many of the reasons mentioned.

I don’t see how it would be that hard for us to commit to a month for production machines and have the resources reserved regardless of their state or pay hourly for “test” machines where the resources return to the pool on shutdown. Maybe we could set the category in the panel or on purchase.

That way we could decide on how critical our instance is. I know personally, when I am just testing it usually never lasts long, trying some new config or setup.

If I understand Hertzner’s policy, the resources are reserved until the instance is destroyed. I too have been looking around because of the mentioned concerns. I also wish Scaleway would have an update on when new stock will be available. It may ease some of our minds.

Just a thought.



i don´t move to another cloud provider perhaps no one have a lot of arm servers to deploy. I don´t want to use x86 cpu´s anymore for my little projects.
Hetzner is not cheaper with his new cloud offer.


it is about reliability and steadiness. Scaleway provides neither of those. If you just host some fun projects and want to play around a little with arm, scaleway is your best choice. People with at least some standards might want to move.

And please compare the performace yourself, they provide same or even better performance, despite the fact that the disk storage is a little smaller occasionally.


Hi gentlemon,

i understand your situation. Have you opended a support ticket?

Today is all on stock!

update all gone :frowning:


Why should I open a ticket? - just to get the information that the servers are out of stock again and I should try again later? Nope. not going to happen.

Isn’t a cloud platform supposed to provide resources when you need them? - Scaleway is absolutely missing the point here.

If I want to gamble I could go into a casino instead :wink:



Just to follow up, since I pointed this thread to scaleway on Twitter, and they gave an answer there:

We will massively be deploying new servers in February and hope to solve the problem durably.

I wish it was more detailed but it’s still something, we’ll see in February…


thanks for the info!

unfortunately, I got a bad feeling about the whole thing already.
They deployed lots of servers a while ago and the issue just kept reoccuring.

Somwhow scaleway is missing consistency and they built up their inconsistent image over quite some time now.

time will tell. Good luck to those who will wait.


Well, there’s 2 days left of February…
Really hope scaleway stick to their promise


2 more days to go, but I doubt there will be any servers in february.

Looks still pretty bad to me for now.
PAR: 16 out of 18 instance types are our of stock.
AMS: 16 out of 17 instance types are out of stock.


This sounds convincing :smiley:


well, lets see how long it will last.
Last time, just a couple of weeks and additionaly lots and lots of network issues.

and for the date, I know it might be sound fussy, they still did not deliver what they promised. As usual. Have a look into buckets. promised for years now.


Now that you mention it, I still have a support ticket open for Buckets, been waiting from march last year. :smiley:

I’ve been staring at that spinning gear icon and hope that the buckets will just magically become available haha. It would be epic, if they can get buckets and more availability of instances in the same announcement, but yeah.