[ANSWERED] - Community: Error You can't log in from that IP address


I had this weird error when trying to log in:

You can’t log in as e14 from that IP address.

Correct password of course. I managed to log in by logging in to the scaleway.com web-gui, THEN try to log again in to the community - that worked.

But the error is weird.


same error for me when I try to login from my mobile devie i.e.

Sometimes using wlan / disabling wlan worked.


Hey there!

Can you provide us more info via DM so we can help?




Just been locked out for several days now. Finally got in by doing a scaleway login then clicking login instead of create new account but I’d tried that before I’m sure and it didn’t work.

I tried logging in via multiple IPs including scaleway internal ones and all I got was you cannot login as hogweed23 from that IP.