[ANSWERED] Cartes réseaux



I’d like to know if you guys have serveurs with network card with 10GB/s. In your documentation you said that you can have RPN with 10GB/s but if the server’s network card is 1GB/s or lower you will be cap by the network card.



Currently all offers provide a 1Gbit/s network interface for the public Internet connection.



Hello @bene I’m talking about internal trafic for RPN. You can’t do RPN 10GB/s internally if your network card is cap at 1GB/s. So can you tell me if servers come with 10GB/s network card out of the box or not? :slight_smile:



On RPN interfaces that support 10G, you can use this bandwidth with servers having the “Business Option”.
By default the connection is limited to 1G, but with the option you can use up the full speed of the port.