[ANSWERED] - Can't confirm phone number!



I have been trying to get this sorted for two days now. Two days ago, I opened a ticket with the support asking them that for some reason I did not get the SMS verification code on my phone number and as such I was unable to confirm my phone number. The support personnel called me in order to validate my number but due to the time difference between France and my country, I missed the call.

It is going to be almost two days now ever since I last talked to the support. I even provided a photo of my bank account passbook which contains my number for the support to verify my number as there is a chance I might not be able to pick up the call if they will call me in the middle of the night due to the time difference.

If any staff sees this post. plz look into it and help me get t sorted soon. My ticket is: #649721

Thank you.


Hi @dipesh

Thank you for reporting this! I’m sorry you weren’t able to reach us. We got your ticket and forwarded to the team. You should see an update ASAP.

Kind regards.


Hi, i also have same problem.
I can’t verify phone number. Can you help me?