[ANSWERED] - Availability


Hi all,
What happened at online.net??? Only 4 servers are available to order…
From 1st October i want to buy a new MD2017 server to deploy my services.
Anyone know when will be available for order?

Thnaks in advance


They seem to restock most around the 1st of the month. Otherwise, a couple might appear randomly throughout the month.


Any progress in stock? Most of the dedicated servers are still out-of-stock. Screenshot of current stock https://img.frl/d8sb8


Any news about Start LTS family availability (with SSD)?


Any news for MD 2017???
No stock about 2 months now…!!!


Any option to Backorder servers?
Will be very usefull… Think about it…


We added new stocks and new features: https://blog.online.net/2018/05/03/introducing-scaleway-nextgen-nvme-cloud-servers-with-hot-snapshots/