[ANSWERED] - Almost no upload bandwidth available at rush hour, since 03/2018



Without making thousands of parallel connections in order to add Megabits after Megabits, I can say sere is almost no available upstream bandwidth on the server on rush hours, since 2018 March.

I played a little bit with the server, for the last time, this evening, and here is the final speedtest of this server, tonight :

There is absolutely no destination working fine. Not even the FTP backup Service.

I tried Windows on it for the last day just to play with the iDrac and see if anything would change, but no, this is the same.

Into off-peak hours, from 4 AM or 6 AM, the problem almost disappears and the bandwidth is almost normal, but outside this interval, it’s catastrophic.

Also, the BIOS is version 2.2.3 but there is a 2.9.0 version classified as “urgent” that is available on Dell website for this server.

I don’t know if anything will change and it’s not for me, but this is for next customers.

Bye !

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I am sorry to hear that you have an issue with the upload bandwidth of your server. Do you have opened a ticket and can you please tell me the ID so we can check your issue?