[ANSWERED] - 6004 issue with credit card


I face the issue:

Error code: 6004.
Oops! It seems that the validation failed.

It’s an EU 3d master card, received a few weeks ago. But cannot add as payment method.

Opened a ticket and got the “info” “I cannot register this card”, but no actual info on why. Been a customer for years. Please advise!



Can you please contact the technical assistance by ticket, so they can have a look why your card has been refused for your account.




I already did, but did not get any actual help. After escalating the ticket, a guy called Alexander replied, and told me to check if it’s not a prepaid card, and has 3D Secure enabled. I already did that previously, but called my banking provider to confirm. They did confirm it’s a debit card and has 3D Secure enabled. There was no rejected transaction. Alexander asked for the details of my bank and country.

My current best guess on the issue is that my previous and current card have the same number, and the payment provider might be rejecting it because of that. If they cached some info on details, and the new card only differs in details, I think it might cause issues in case of a bad implementation.

Any advise is welcome!