Allow user to create custom partitions


Personally I would find very useful to have the possibility to set custom partitions when creating the server. The process to do so should use a simple UI where we can specify up to 3 or 4 custom partitions, specifying the size and type (ext3, ext4, etc).

We could also have “format-templates” that we can easily load/reuse for quick server creation. For example, I create a “format-template” with these custom partitions:

/tmp - ext4 - 1GB - noexec
/var - ext4 - 2GB -
/files - ext4 - 1GB -

I name this template “my-custom-partitions”. When creating a server, I just click on “Select custom partitions template” -> then I select “my-custom-partitions” template name, and when the server will be created it will create also the custom partitions specified in “my-custom-partitions” template. So I don’t have to always specify my custom partitions on each server creation.

With this feature we would be able to set “noexec” on specific partitions, e.g.:


And an attacker would not be able to execute local root exploits or bad scripts/bins easily.

We could also create /var as custom partition.

It would be separated from / and in case it gets full due to logs, there will be no issues.

At the moment, we can only create mount points, e.g.: