All new Failover IPs are in blacklist


Hello! in blacklist in Russia since April 2018. Nobody from Russia can connect to these IPs. OnlineNet offer Failover IPs only from It’s very strange that:

  1. OnlineNet doesn’t do anything to unblock more than 32 000 IPs.
  2. Offer for Failover IPs only these blocked IPs and doesn’t allow support to change manually to IP which not in blacklist.
    OnlineNet! Please try to solve this problem.

yes this is known issue, but Russia is not open to discussion about their filters …
anyway they are lots of 62.x IPs available for order at the moment, you should be able to get one


I was looking to take more failover IP’s today, but on separate IP’s only addresses available. I’, Russian customer, don’t really care if it blocked in Russia anyway. But you have to do something with that.


Dear Whistler, we have no simple way to remove from the russian blacklist. Could you bring an IP from another pool ?

If it doesn’t work, can you share us a picture ?