All my cards are declined



I’m the Scaleway user since 2016. And since yesterday I’m not able to pay for the service, because my cards are not accepted anymore. I can add my cards to the panel, but when I’m trying to retry payment, there is an error in console:

Scaleway support team just suggested me to “try another card”.

Scaleway, are you sure that FOUR real cards of THREE different banks in TWO currencies tried by me in the last 24 hours could not be accepted? Does it mean that I have to leave Scaleway after three years of usage, because I do not have another bank? Could you, please, ask your provider for the reason why my cards are not accepted anymore?

Does somebody meet the same issue?

P. S. Ticket #WRSN-4246-MMVQ



Your credit cards are automatically refused by our anti-fraud system because they are not fulfilling our pre-requirements.
We will come back to you in your ticket in the upcoming minutes.

Customer Success Specialist