Add vBulletin to a WordPress server


We have a WordPress server running and we would like to add a vBulletin forum (from a backup copy of vB files and database), for which we already possess a different domain name from the WP website name. I don’t know how to do that (where to put the files, how to add the database…). What is the best way?


I presume you can effectively FTP the original files onto the system but you may need to use an install file to ensure setup is done correctly, I would use my Admin Control panel to install then do a datbase import of the previous files

if you have these from another server, then you may have an SQL backup file.
This can be imported to your new server from the admin panel or from command line.
reloading a databse into new server is done with mysql command.

cat vbdb.dump | mysql -uusername -ppassword -Ddatabase

not sure if that helps ?

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