Account was hacked, cannot cancel email change


Hello, I received an email about email change on 11.06.2019 and missed it. It says:

You asked to change your email address. You can revert this change by clicking on the link below before the 2019/06/18. Cancel email changes
If you do not wish to revert the change, you can safely ignore this email.

But when clicking the link it redirects me to the login page where I don’t have access.

Can you also please lock my account and prevent the hacker from using it?


I can’t contact the support either, because it requires login.


Dear customer,

Could you send us by PM your mail address to take a look of this issue and help you to recover your account ?
Thank you for your feedback.


Hedi Serradj
Trust and Safety Team


Hi guys, sorry for necroposting but i’m in the exactly same situation here, can i get some help?


Hello Iba,

I’ve sent you a PM with all the information.


Trust and Safety Manager