Account Blocked for no reason


Hello, i was creating servers on my Scaleway account and in less than 30minutes the account get banned, so, the support asked me for my ID.

My ID have been sended by e-mail, all correct data.
And now i’m waiting some response from staff.



The concerned team will come back to you directly by ticket on this issue.




I have no clue why the fuck you need to send ID. I don’t remember that I have had to send anything at anytime. If so, I won’t do that just, because I don’t see any smart reason for that. GDPR smokin’ weed atm?


My account got blocked too, due to “suspicious activity” and/or “an inconsistency in your account details”, a bit unclear. The account is only a couple of days old and I was hosting a simple http server as a test. Maybe it got hacked, or I mistyped some account detail or so.

So now they ask a copy of my passport, and that’s okay with me (as long as they allow me to redact some information, as per our official government guidelines). But they want it over unencrypted email, and it is my understanding that this is a GDPR violation.

Has anyone managed to unlock their account without sending passport copies in plain text?

(They have not yet responded to my support ticket; I’ll keep you informed.)