Access RPN SAN from ESXi LAN through Pfsense



I have an ESXi server, on which I installed a pfsense and configured to interfaces : LAN and WAN.
I have internet access from the LAN.
My LAN contains many Windows virtual machines.
I configured acces from ESXi to RPN SAN to backup VMs on it.
I want to access the RPN SAN disk from the LAN (from Windows hosts).
I tried adding an interface to pfsense giving it an IP address of the RPN subnet and configured routes on the LAN and RPN interfaces of the pfsense but ping is not working from LAN to any host in the RPN network (neither the VMKernel, neither the RPN itself, neither the gateway i configured to grant access from ESXi to the RPN SAN).

Am I right ? or should I do something else to configure the access from LAN to RPN ?

Thanks for helping me resolving this problem.




I’m not sure you can just use another IP in the RPN subnet(and seems like you can’t).
Have you tried NAT? Basically the same thing you do to have Internet acccess from your VMs, but in this case it will be RPN access(you juat need to add a second NIC on the Pfsense VM on the vSwitch that has the RPN interface on your host(supposedly, vSwitch1)).



Finally, I didn’t need to access the disk from all the hosts on the LAN so I configured a specific VM by adding a new NIC giving it the same MAC address attached to the private RPN IP.

Thanks anyway.