A bad experience with Online.net - Scaleway


Hi, this seems to be the only place where I can try to get in touch with an human.
I discovered Scaleway because receved an unwanted spam email from a Scaleway customer.

I sent an abuse report #326261 by compiling the web form you have and just some days after I receved a surprising answer, offensive.

The email notification about closure of the abuse report is sent from a no reply email address that doesn’t acept any answer. The email from your company domain said the abuse report was closed by the customer.

So let me understand: a customer do something that is not good, your company receve an abuse report and is the customer that is able to close, resolve this abuse report by writing casual things?! Offensive one?

What the closure report said is very offensive to me, infact the email from you said your customer message was that I visited a porn website hosted by your customer than subscribed to emails and confiremd the subscription by email link.

This is really and totally untrue and is really offensive receive this kind of reply from your company as abuse report resolved by the customer.

  • An abuse report is sent to you
  • After a short time a report email from a noreply email address and from your domain said the abuse was closed by your customer
    *As expplain of the closure is reported the customer message where I read things completely untrue and offensive. The message say I visited a porn website and subscribed for receive emails that I’m reporting to you as abuse to my email address. Also is completely untrue I confirmed by a link the subscription to a porn website.
  • Your comapany is sending the email from a no reply email address that doesn’t acept any reply
  • The link present in the abuse closure report doesn’t allow me to contact you
  • Forms in your website to contact you as not customer is giving errors so I cannot send any comunication

How I feel?
I feel fooled and I’m surprise about how your company is managing all this abuse report situation.

I’m not sure the abuse email is generated from a customer.
A customer can be bad but an hosting company can’t reply to an abuse report from a no reply email address saing to me the abuse report has been closed because the customer said I visited a porn website hosted by this customer and subscrived to the spams email I’m reporting. This has no sense and is not true… but is not only this… let me think the fact you are repling to me without acept any replies and all your online form for get in touch did not work.


New abuse report sent to you as you or customer closed the abuse but the abuse continue to be done.


Many hosting providers directly redirect the abuse complaint to the end-user to speed up the process as the end-user is only responsible for the abuse. In many cases, they are not intentional, but there are also many cases that are intentional. Probably in intentional cases, the server is terminated after X amount of warnings.

Just to be curious. If you don’t mind. What about you reported and which kind of response you’ve got?

~ Br, NoName


Hi, thank you for your reply.
For me has no sense the hosting provider skip completely the process to review abuse report because is the customer that is having a very bad behaviour.

The customer of Scaleway has closed the report saying I was subscribing to the spam email I’m reeving by visiting one of their PORN website. They also said I confirmed the subscription by clicking the email link. All this informations are not true so for me is kind offensive receive this kind of motivation from the hosting ISP email address domain that is also a no reply address so I cannot dispute what the customer are saying.

Online.net has contact form that is not working, asking to login (but I don’t have an account) or giving errors. The only form that works is the abuse form that only works if you have a valid IP to report but this seems doesn’t get you in touch with the hosting company.

Now from the customer I still reeving spam, i will continue to report for sometimes than if nothing happen for me the ISP Hosting will be responsible as the customer.

If you have an hosting company you must to be responsible this means if some customer is doing something wrong, must exist the possibility to report this to the hosting company and I feel not right and not professional reply with automated response that is from no reply email address but I feel also not right saing on the host website there is no way to get in touch with the staff.

Seems like the host protect the customer that is madding abuse because, if report I sent doesn’t have consequence for the customer, maybe after three or more alert, than the customer has only to close reports and can continue to do the abuse. As I have no customer info the responsible will be the hosting IP so all compilants will be t the hosting company with the addiction of abuse report not disputable, replies automated from no reply email address, contact form that did not work.


Wouldn’t it be possible to put the sending address on the domain block list? Is it also certain that the sender in question uses an SMTP server that is hosted on the Scaleway? If they host a website using Scaleway, but send an email using a connection from another service provider, then that’s not Scaleway’s business either.

~ Br, NoName


Wouldn’t it be possible to put the sending address on the domain block list?

Emails from this sender is already arriving in the spam, my email client show a large number of spam. Yes seems if the spam abuse continue I need block the sender or create a filter to trash emails.

Is it also certain that the sender in question uses an SMTP server that is hosted on the Scaleway?

Yes I am and because this I was able to submit the abuse with the responsible IP. How I can know? Simple, it’s everything in the email headers :wink:


Yeah. That’s true it’s not rocket science to resolve the IP address, but if I’m correct you didn’t mention that how did you make your assumptions. It may also be that I did read your text too quickly. I’d recommend you to unsubscribe the e-mails. I don’t believe that you get them like one per second. If huge traffic begins, I’d believe that Scaleway will take a look if SMTP used is hosted at them.


Scaleway is replying to abuse with automated message that doesn’t allow dispute of a closed by customer abuse report. This is not a good behaviour from the company, on my point of view.

Another point is that all contact form for not customer I tried to Scaleway website to get in touch with the staff is broken and doesn’t allow me to contact an human person behind the company.

@NoName i appreciate your reply and help but if I created this topic is just for report in the only place I have, the wrong situation occurred with a Scaleway customer but also with a Scaleway website and report abuse system.

Thank again, no reply from you is needed.

I will report spam, ignore spam emails and see just is there will be other things to do.
Thanks and have a great time!
Take care and stay safe :slight_smile:


You will only waste your time if the amount of spam is not enough. You can’t complain to your condominium if someone puts a promotional letter in your inbox every day. Hardly anything more miraculous happens. But still, have a nice day anyway.


You can’t complain to your condominium if someone puts a promotional letter in your inbox every day.
This is true but If I take the responsible I can do something and this is how the web works: things and abuse are not anonymous… so all I wrote in this discussion still be valid.

Have a great time!


It’s a bit like having neighbors having a loud party and complaining to the music equipment rental company about it. Sure, the equipment was making the noise, but is the rental company the police? Sounds strange, but the answer will we in the law text to see who can help.


I don’t agree with you.
Is like call the police because the neighbors having a loud party and they close the call because neighbors said they ask for permission and was grant.

Hosting company usually managing or not abuse report, in this case I’m reporting more than the abuse closed issue.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

22/07/2020 third abuse report done A-327173


Since this topic doesn’t get many answers I would like to know how many e-mails you get per day.


It’s not important how many email I receive.

This topic is about how Scaleway has replied to abuse report (more than 3) and also about the hosting website and contact form that doesn’t work.

I’m not surprised also here the post did not get any reply from the staff.
I’m curios to see if the abuse will continue when I will reach 10 abuse report.

Have a nice day.