4 Year Customer forced to leave - FAULTY BILLING SYSTEM


Ive been with Scaleway fro years. Ive been back and forth back n forth because they would Not take any of my cards even thought most weren’t virtual.

Their tech support was of no help at all, like they couldn’t careless how loyal I have been . By bill is due in 2 days facing termination, they seem like they could Careless. Not a good way to handle loyal Customer

So I sign up at their Sister site Online.net. Used my Real card, which Is 3d secure and bought he server with No problems. So that tells your Card system is Screwed up and I am about to loose all my data because of your incompetent billing system

Chekc it out Scaleway… My email is the same on the forum as Scaleway And online

Card added online.net IS 3D SECURE yet you on your Scaleway side kept Denying it and Now theres 48 hours left until Termination.

I like scaleway as a server company, good prices, specs, admin but this billing has pissed me off

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Hello @jayyclrk,

I am sorry to hear that you have had an issue with the payment of your invoice. Have you opened a ticket about it? Can you please send me your ticket ID in a PM, so I can have a look into your issue with the concerned team?



I have opened countless tickets, and the replys are all the same… “Nothing they can do” etc etc.

SO if my Real (not virtual) card worked for Online.net which i would assume uses your same card verification system as Scaleway, if it works for online why am i loosing my servers in 24 hours on Scaleway for no reason


Yep Bene i will PM you now, thks



Just got an email stating they ok’d the real card (3d) on Scaleway. That’s awesome Saved at the last minute literally. I think 7 day wait time was up today

Thks bene appreciate it

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Unfortunately I have to report the very same treatment jayycirk has been dealing with, and exactly the same issues. We haven’t been on the platform for that long, but we are having a hard time with the customers due to a crazy and faulty billing system and a crappy support.

we tried two cards, both 3D secure, and they are refusing it. We added SEPA payment, and for no apparent reason they are not charging the account.

Can anybody support?


Hello @devan,

Have you opened a support ticket about it? If so can you please send me your ticket ID in a PM?



Just sent the DM. Thanks


I hear ya devan. The tech supports were good they tried and re tried and talked to whatever department they could. Nothing was going through though. I lost the server. I had to refrain from getting real annoyed and upset at tech support, it is Not their doing, nor fault, the new 3D system has been implemented haha ( and i was very very frustrated about it) but what can ya do. It’s not like you dont have backups of everythign important on the server so whatever.

Which may be a great system in Europe and/or France but in the USA it is Not widely used and for good reason. Amazon, Ebay, all the biggies know they loose 30% conversions with that system.

Anyways whatever I am still with Scaleway on their sister site online.net which is good enough for me. Same quality just a bit different setup so im good until i find me a good 3D card lol

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