2 Linux instances won't stop! 10hr+ and counting


I have initiated the Server shutdown in order to detach drives and delete server, but it’s 10+ hours passed so far and still nothing changed, the status is still “Stopping…”

Support didnt help yet (10h+ passed).
And worst thing is that the Bill is still counting because I can’t delete servers.

Also I get error message whenever I try to start / reboot , shutdown instance from dashboard…

All this happening on top of a previous 1 week of Object Storage blackout due to Scalerway misconfiguration…

Tired on fighting with this sh!t… SLA breached regularly… Definitely switching soon.

**Meanwhile, if there is any staff here, at least try to do something. **
Support ticket: #KOGD-9801-MFKN


Hello @Max_Millow,

I am sorry to hear that you had an issue with your two instances. I just checked it with my colleagues, and they confirmed that the issue has been earlier fixed this morning.
We will provide you a full discount for the two instances during this month.
Our teams are mobilized to keep issues on a minimum, and we are working with full efforts to avoid such situations in the future.

We remain at your entire disposal.

Best regards,



Ok, thank you.

Issue has been resolved 2 hours ago, and another Refund promised for the next month.

here is the reason sent by support:

We had 2 different hypervisor’s outages during the night, causing both hypervisors to not answer, hence why it got stuck the whole night.
Issue has been fixed earlier this morning and services are now properly powered OFF.