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Add support for RAW images (1)
Reinstall/Reset a Scaleway instance (1)
IPv6 & Reverse DNS (5)
FreeBSD images? (2)
Limting a token to a certain storage bucket (1)
Load Balancers (2)
Jupyter Hub instant app (1)
Image for mumble (1)
Image for teamspeak (1)
The return of Alpine Linux on C1 and S1XS (1)
Full integration with Rancher 2.0 (Kubernetes) (1)
Create OpenBSD image (1)
Scaleway Buckets (4)
Allow user to categorize/group servers as Projects (1)
Make admin panel in french (1)
Allow additional volumes on ARM64 (1)
Allow to use server tags on Security Groups/Firewall (1)
Allow user to create custom partitions (1)
Odoo image (6)
Create a Drupal image (1)
Create a Joomla image (1)
openSUSE Leap 15 Image (11)
Preventing accidental VM deletion (1)
Faster boot for instances (1)
Clé SSH et Let's encrypt (2)
Blog Software Image Support: Jekyll and Hugo (1)
Other payment methods i.e. Paypal (2)
Add Arch Linux as option for arm64 servers (2)
Sandstorm Support (1)